Pathogen Testing made Easier

Pathogen TestingWith a number of food poisoning scares and recalls happening recently, 3M has announced a simple, fast detection method that is effective and affordable. Pathogens are a real threat to a brand’s bottom line and consumers trust establishments and companies to provide food that is safe to eat. 3M’s food safety division launched the 3M Molecular Detection System for pathogen testing at its Woodmead offices. The system is powered by a combination of    Isothermal DNA Amplification and Bioluminescence Detection, allowing the user to screen food items for pathogens.

There are many reasons to test for pathogens. Firstly, one must always protect one’s brand, secondly, a threat of litigation always looms; laws are constantly changing and legislation requires increased testing, and fourthly, customer food safety awareness of the risks of food poisoning are on the increase.  “When a food poisoning outbreak takes place it affects not only your brand but the food industry as a whole. That said, we need to be vigilant to make sure our products are not the ones that end up on the front covers of newspapers,” says Jonathan Walsh, 3M Technical Manager of the Food Safety Department for the Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Amplification and detection occurs at the same time, allowing the tester to find target organism DNA in real time – positive results are found in 15-20 minutes while negative results are seen in 75 minutes. For more information, visit

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