Wang Thai’s Suki Bar

Suki BarHead to Nelson Mandela Square for an authentic eating experience that is both healthy and fun! WangThai restaurant was recently refurbished and a Suki Bar is located near the entrance – long tables with induction tops embedded in them allow groups to gather around a bubbling pot of broth where ingredients are poached. The guests then gather a few of the elements – some fish, sprouts, bok choy ot even white mushrooms – top up with some of the stock, mix in a spicy or sweet spice paste and enjoy.

“From standard vegetarian, meat and seafood combos to an uniquely individual menu, the Thai Suki Hot Pot appeals to all pallets and preferences. The adventurous diner, for example, may wish to sample the exotic flavours of white fungus and wood ear mushroom, which have been imported directly from Thailand. Whereas the more conservative guest, may select the traditional pok choi and bamboo shoots, which most have come to expect from a Thai dining experience,” explains Wangthai manager, Gary Beardsley-Nel.

Wang Thai“While the broth is a customary recipe of stock, spring onions, celery, Chinese cabbage, glass noodles and bean sprouts; layers of culinary excitement are added through the choice of ingredients, which our patrons select from. Core to the dining concept – Thai Suki Hot Pot remains exotic, fast and unbelievably healthy. With most ingredients taking an average of between 30 to 60 seconds to cook, diners can begin to enjoy their meal – moments after being seated and embarking on this cookery experience. However, for those looking to imbibe in the ritual; a delectable dinner enjoyed in the company of good friends, over glasses of great vintage wine from our quality wine list, could progress well into the night,” adds Gary.

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