Introducing Belle’s Patisserie at Blubird

Belle PatisserieIf lashings of French butter on freshly baked authentic baguette is your idea of heaven, you will be spoilt for choice at Belle’s Patisserie opening at Blubird shopping centre in early May. Expect an irresistible spread of French inspired delights including a jewellery box of macaroons, Belle’s famous red velvet cake and cupcakes, delicious tarts, light lunches and an extensive savoury line. These are just some of the hand-crafted products to eat in or take out from Belle’s Patisserie at Blubird.

Belle’s Patisserie is an intimate space positioned in the trendy Blubird shopping centre and custom fitted with baroque panels with antique detailing, cabinetry of pearl white, dove grey and cameo pink featuring gilding and crystal in sophisticated French style befitting of the style and panache of the exquisite confectionery.

Founder, Linda Lipschitz comments, “Since the inception of Belle’s Patisserie in January 2010 I have been expressing my passion for all things beautiful translated in or extensive offerings.  The new Blubird destination is a natural progression for our patrons to enjoy the complete sensory experience of Belle’s at our new Patisserie.”

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  1. I think that your patisserie is absolutely amazing. I’m there often. I’m addicted to the chocolate biscuits, the fudge is to die for, the rainbow cake and your red velvet cupcakes. But I order the chocolate biscuits weekly. I would love to see pictures of the cakes u have made.

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