Nitida launches Modjadji

NitidaNitida Cellars, the small family-owned Durbanville winery, has launched a second vintage of their extremely popular dessert wine. A noble harvest made from Semillon grapes, the wine is named Modjadji in honour of the Rain Queen of the Balobedu people in Limpopo. The hereditary title is passed down from mother to daughter and it is believed that each Rain Queen inherits special powers that include the ability to control clouds and rainfall.

As owner and cellarmaster, Bernhard Veller explains “It seems very appropriate to name our NLH wine after a strong and powerful woman because it links in with other wines already in our range. Our two MCC’s are both named Matriarch in honour of my mother-in-law who supported our farm from the very beginning. So when I was searching for a suitable name for this wine, it made sense to continue this matriarchal link. And, of course, it ties in with one of the key contributory factors to making Noble Late Harvest wines, which is the rain!”

Traditionally the wine should accompany dessert, and on Nitida’s restaurant, Cassia, the dessert wine is paired with Lemon Curd Dessert as the honeyed sweetness of the wine goes well with the acidic bite of the lemons. The 2011 Nitida Modjadji retails for R75.00 from the cellar. The tasting room is open Mon-Fri 0900 – 1700hrs, Sat 0930 – 1500hrs and Sun 1100 – 1500hrs. For more information visit or contact Bernhard or Peta Veller direct on (27 (21) 976 1467.

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