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ihealth mealsIf you struggle to follow a healthy balanced diet or lack time to cook nutritious healthy meals then why not try iHealth Meals? They are a very convenient and cost effective way of eating healthily.

iHealth Meals will tailor a meal plan to your personal needs, whether that is to lose weight, build muscle, maintain your weight, or you simply want to feel fabulous and energised. iHealth Meals also offers meal plans to address medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiac disease that necessitates a low-cholesterol diet.

Tailored meal plans from 3 meals up to 6 meals and above to suit your specific dietary requirements are prepared fresh daily and delivered throughout the Cape Town Area. Meal plans are prepared by a professional kitchen team with 20 years blue chip international experience, who source the finest seasonal ingredients. Meals are cooked fresh daily without the use of any preservatives. The food is only seasoned with Himalayan Crystal Salt, they only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Canola Oil, they only bake, grill and steam. The meal plans encompass balanced 6 meal a day choices with various calorific margins, a healthy Meditteranean life style menu with lots of fresh fruit and raw veggies, very low in dairy, gluten free and which aids with diabetes control and weight loss. The Executive chef has also embraced the RAW food concept so our Vegan and Vegetarian Clients can eat super healthy nutritious food. They address all dietary requirements, and Allergies. All meals are served in microwavable containers and delivered to your door, be it at home or your office, in a cooler bag for your convenience.

Why dont you check out their website for more info www.ihealthmeals.com or email them info@ihealthmeals.com

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