Five Roses Long Leaf Teas

Five RosesTea was discovered over 5000 years ago by the legendary Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, when it is said that leaves from
the tree he was resting under fell into a pot of boiling water. It became regarded by generations of Chinese as a quencher of thirst whilst cheering the heart. It was also used as a cure for headaches and an aid for the digestion of food.

Tea as we know it was introduced to the world by the English. The beverage has since developed into a global trade with established public auctions in key cities in the countries of origin – Colombo, Calcutta, Cochin, Mombasa, Blantyre and Jakarta .

Ciro Beverage Solutions (Ciro) aligns itself with global leaders and local heroes to ensure that its customers always receive the finest products and latest industry innovations. Five Roses is one of Ciro’s partners and has been bringing the art of blending premium quality tea to South Africans for over 100 years.

Ciro is launching an exquisite range of Five Roses Long Leaf Tea Infusions, exclusive to the out of home market. This exciting new launch capitalises on two mega trends driving consumer behaviour, ‘Being Alive’ which targets wellness and healthy living as a dominant philosophy and ‘Small Indulgences’ which addresses consumers’ needs to indulge in affordable luxuries that offer the ultimate in flavour and taste.

Five Roses Long Leaf Tea Infusions is a story of idealism, purity and transcendence; drawing inspiration from the emotive names, delicate textures and vibrant colours of rare rose varieties. In essence, the Five Roses’ tea master has created six individual blends that can only be described as ‘poetry in a cup’. This is achieved with the use of natural ingredients; the finest long leaf tea, real fruit pieces, fragrant flowers, pure essences and flavourful seeds.

The six individual blends feature Summer Dream, Spellbound, Deep Secret, Golden Gift, Butter Cream and Bonfire Night, each with a unique and fresh twist, catering to a wide variety of tea drinkers. Summer Dream is a powerful blend of berries and flowers, Spellbound is a stimulating blend of Green Tea with Passion Fruit, Deep Secret is a blend of 100% Ceylon Black Tea and rose petals, Golden Gift is a herbaldream of Lavender and Chamomile flowers, Butter Cream is a delicate blend of Rooibos flavoured Vanilla Cream, and Bonfire Night is a blend of Green Tea, Apple and Cinnamon.

The range of tea infusions is low in caffeine, rich in anti-­oxidants and preservative free catering to the ‘wellness’ and ‘healthy living’ market. Further adding to this speciality indulgence, the teas are enveloped in silk teabags for visual impact and ultimate infusion and then individually packaged in beautifully designed miniature boxes. The design on the packaging carries the theme of each infusion detailing the natural ingredients and the inspiration taken from the tea master.

To enhance the new range, Ciro has designed visually appealing, uncluttered and easy to display tea and waiter stands that will be a ‘must have’ for every establishment’s order book for a classy display of the Five Roses’ range of Long Leaf Tea Infusions. Comments Russ Sidelsky, marketing manager of Ciro Beverage Solutions, “The retail speciality tea market has seen a growth of 23% in volume and 28% in value over the last three years driven by the leading tea brand, Five Roses. This new range aims to revitalise and grow tea sales by creating a desire and sparking interest; adding a new twist on old favourites. The tea is competitively priced and because the range covers all the tea sub-categories it means the restaurateur will carry fewer lines, removing operational complexity and reducing inventory costs.”

For further details contact Ciro Beverage Solutions on 011 287 6700 or visit for more information.

Five Roses

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